Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dancing Can and Cool Frog Featured In Video Winners

What can you learn from a dancing can or an environmentally sensitive frog? Well ... lots if you watch the winning entries of the CAPCO video contest.

Tyler Short, a University of Oregon student submitted the winning 90 second video which features an animated aerosol can that prances and dances while providing interesting facts about aerosols. The dancing can describes the many uses of aerosol products, tells you how an aerosol can works, and provides environmental facts about aerosols.

Chris Wetzel of Cleveland, Ohio won second place with a 25 second video that uses a multiple choice quiz to deliver a single message about CFCs in aerosol. Here's a hint: there aren't any. Third place winner David Molina debunks an environmental myth about aerosols in his 40 second video in which a frog gives you the facts and proclaiming that today's aerosol products are toad...ily cool.

CAPCO sponsored the contest to tap into the creative talent of today's video-savvy young people to inform people about today's aerosol product. Entries were judged on creativity, humor, motivational effectiveness and production quality. The winners receive prizes of $1,000, $500 and $250. To learn more about aerosols visit or

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