Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day: A Good Time to Dispel Environmental Myths

(Washington, DC (April 21, 2010) What better time to dispel environmental myths than Earth Day. Take aerosol products for instance. Data show that consumers still believe aerosols harm upper ozone despite CFCs being removed more than 30 years ago.

Here are a few more myths and facts about aerosol products and the environment:

Myth: Aerosol containers cannot be recycled.

Fact: Empty steel and aluminum cans are recyclable and are accepted by more than 5,300 municipal recycling programs in the United States. Aerosol cans are made of 25% recycled material and are recyclable. If the 3.5 billion+ aerosol products sold annually were recycled, enough steel would be produced for 160,000 automobiles.

Myth: Aerosol products are bad for the environment.

Fact: Aerosol products do not harm the Earth's ozone layer or contribute significantly to air pollution or global warming. Aerosol product manufacturers removed CFCs in the 1970s.

Myth: Use of aerosol products makes a significant contribution to the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to ground level ozone formation, or "smog".

Fact: While aerosols and other consumer products often contain VOCs, they contribute very little to ozone formation due to their small quantity and low reactivity.


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