Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Web Site Provides Facts About Aerosol Products

A new web site recently launched by the Consumer Aerosol Products Council (CAPCO) provides a wealth of information about aerosol products. In addition to presenting extensive facts about aerosols and the environmental, the site documents the history of the aerosol industry, explains the technology that makes possible the unique product packaging form and dispels a number of myths about aerosol products.

A special section of the site delves into many environmental aspects of the aerosol package including Aerosols and the Environment, Aerosols and Recycling and Recycling Facts. Additionally, the common misperception that aerosols harm the earth's upper ozone is addressed with fact sheets including: Aerosols and the Atmosphere, The CFC Issue, and Frequently Asked Questions about Ozone. The site also offers special menus for teachers, consumers and the media.

The teachers section contains extensive information about aerosols and the environment and a link to CAPCO's popular downloadable teacher’s kit that includes classroom activities which enable teachers to use aerosol product technology to demonstrate basic scientific principles. The consumer page provides facts about aerosol technology and the many unique aspects of aerosols products. The Media page provides accurate information that can be used in covering issues related to aerosol products.

We encourage you to visit CAPCO's new site and send us your comments at CAPCO is a non profit 501(c)(3) educational foundation that provides accurate information about aerosol products.