Monday, February 15, 2010

EcoAerosols Web Site Wins CoolHomePages Award, a unique interactive educational web site about aerosol products has been awarded a Cool Home Pages Award by a web site that specializes in evaluating the quality of Internet web sites., a popular site for people interested in web site design, presents the award to recognize outstanding sites based on usability, design and content. The site offers visitors the opportunity to view more than 7,650 web site home pages and rate each of them. More than 15,000 people visit the site each day.
The EcoAerosols site,, welcomes visitors with a brief statement about the site, and invites visitors to find facts about aerosol products hidden in an internet scene of everyday life. As visitors move their cursor over the scene, facts pop up about aerosols and the environment, and the unique characteristics of aerosol products.

As the curser moves over an airplane, visitors learn that aerosol products do not contain ozone depleting chemicals and do not harm the Earth's upper atmosphere. When the curser moves over a recycled bin, they learn that aerosol cans are recyclable and contain 25% recycled material. And when the curser touches a tool shed, the site points out that aerosol products have a long shelf life, are spill proof and do not evaporate during storage. A total of 15 interesting facts about aerosol products can be found on the site.

EcoAerosols is sponsored by the Consumer Aerosol Products Council (CAPCO), a nonprofit educational foundation dedicated to providing accurate information about aerosol products. Additional information about aerosol products can be obtained by visiting or

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  1. Well, I'm awfully sorry for being late with my congrats but I think it's always pleasant to get them. So, congratulations on the award winning and many more wins in the sphere of your activity!