Friday, November 6, 2009

ABC Report Ignores the Facts Behind NoCFCs Logo

An ABC Good Morning America report titled Are Green Products Worth the Money used an aerosol shaving cream product with a “No CFCs” logo as an example of "greenwashing." A spokesperson for the company that reviews green product claims for the Canadian government used the No CFCs logo as an example of "hyping what's been taken out of the product" and called the logo misleading since chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were banned in aerosols in 1978.

What the spokesperson may not know is that a recent survey showed that 70% of consumers believe that aerosol products still contain CFCs. While it may be possible that the other 30% might consider the No CFC logo misleading, we think that it is important to continue educating the majority who don't know that aerosol product manufacturers began to remove CFCs even before they were banned.

Correcting a misperception about environmental impact is good honest communication that will help the consumer make enlightened product choices.

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